Rita McNeil Danish

Rita is adept at creating opportunities for deep intercultural interaction and advocacy strategies that embrace and celebrate the diverse fabric that ultimately make societies stronger. She is committed to helping local municipalities and state governments build cultures of openness and reciprocity, so as to dismantle prejudice and develop participation in the communities.

Rita helps to influence public opinion to assist in administering federal grants or local programs, enhance governmental efficiency and service provision, and/or improve a municipality’s general living conditions. Through a highly professional and collaborative approach, she works diligently with local elected officials, state legislators, reporters, and community stakeholders to forge positive outcomes through education and open dialogue.

Rita understands government because she works inside of it. Rita was recently appointed to a five-year term on the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and is also a board member for organizations that address and inspire change to help people fight for their rights, either through legal advocacy or by providing education, awareness, and funding. Her involvement includes the following organizations:

  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
  • National Civic League
  • Women for Economic & Leadership Development
  • Women’s Small Business Accelerator

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